A man was sleeping in bed when he felt something move. When he lifted the blanket he froze in fear

A man went to bed because he wanted to. When the man awoke the next day, he was greeted with a pleasant surprise when he raised the blanket.

This is the extraordinary scenario in which an Australian from Brisbane, Queensland, found himself. He went to his bedroom, went to bed, wrapped himself in a blanket, and went to bed because it was nighttime. Even though he had a strange feeling in the middle of the night, he preferred to sleep.

When he awoke in the wee hours of the morning, however, the man was taken aback and froze when he saw what was actually hidden behind the blanket.

When a man realized what was under the blanket in his bed, he was scared.

When the man awoke at 5:30 a.m. and stepped out of bed, he discovered a 1.2-meter-long python. The Australian picked up the phone and dialed Bryce Lockett, a snake catcher, without thinking. He went to the man’s house and caught the python, then released him into the wild, far away from the man’s house.

The story made the news and soon went around the world, eliciting a wide range of responses from Internet users. Bryce Lockett then went on to explain what had happened.

“The man went to bed and claimed that he had a strange feeling in his bed, but that he was most likely sitting on the TV remote control. He felt something unusual a couple times during the night, but it wasn’t until he got out of bed the next morning that he realized there was a python under the covers. According to metro.co.uk, Bryce Lockett added, “Most likely, the reptile came to the bedroom during the night.”

“The snake came to him because he was looking for warmth because the man had the radiator on because it was a cold night.” “Perhaps that’s why he went to bed, under the cover, because it was the warmest spot for him,” he added.

“Bryce Lockett posed for the reptile, and the tale quickly went viral.” Although this python species can grow to be three meters long, it poses little threat to people. His bites, however, are not toxic, although they are exceedingly painful.

Bryce Lockett, an expert in trapping such species in Australia, adds that he gets a lot of calls like this every month, so these incidents don’t seem out of the norm. An elderly woman wanted to use the toilet in the middle of the night, but when she lifted the cover of the toilet bowl, she was startled.