The old man went for a walk, but when he saw what was coming out of the frozen lake, he was stunned.

Fate has a mysterious way of working, and friendships emerge at the most inopportune times and places. This time, we get to see another strange friendship between a man and a creature that is like hanging out in the water. Their story made headlines all across the world.

It only took a fish to have the animal fall in love with the elderly gentleman.

The 65-year-old Seppo Laamanen met a new buddy when eastern Finland was blanketed in snow. In the forests near a settlement in Punkaharju municipality, the man lived alone.

When he opened his door one day, he saw an emaciated otter begging for food on the doorstep. He was well aware that the otter was doing everything it could to endure the harsh winter.

As a result, Seppo decided to aid the poor otter by giving him fish and little worms. Since that encounter, the little otter has been coming to Seppo’s residence on a near-daily basis.

The man would always keep an eye out for the otter’s return.

Seppo would sit on his doorstep every day, hoping that the otter would return to see him. When the otter came coming to the door to ask for food, it was less lonely at his house.

After getting his food, the otter would sometimes stay to chew on it, but on other days, he would dash back to the water. Perhaps the otter wants to share his good fortune with his other otter pals. Seppo has never been disappointed by the otter because he always shows up at his house.

This became a habit for both of them, and they were at ease with one another as a result. Seppo came up with the name Iivari for his otter pal one day. They’ve become inseparable buddies since then.

People who had heard about them began paying them visits at their homes!

Seppo and Iivari’s lovely encounter was well-known in Punkaharju, and they were frequently visited by people who wanted to see their uncommon friendship. Iivari, on the other hand, is apprehensive whenever Seppo receives visitors from out of town. The otter would dig a tunnel in the snow and refuse to emerge unless Seppo summons him. It’s incredible that Iivari would only respond to Seppo’s directions.

Furthermore, the story of their friendship has gone viral, since they have been featured on the internet several times. With a film that received two million views in four years, the YouTube channel Story Trender aided in the spread. Who knows how many more people will watch this family-friendly video on the internet.

Seppo had no idea how this narrative would turn out.

Seppo had no idea that a simple gesture of goodwill toward a starving otter would evolve into something so monumental. He had no idea Iivari would become his friend, or that their story would be told all over the world. Surely, the 65-year-old man was delighted that a couple of curious visitors would pay him a visit at his modest home.

Most importantly, he has a close friend who will always hang out with him, even when things are difficult. It’s not every day that you come upon a friendship like theirs. Their bond, perhaps, will continue for a long time!