She put a bag of rice in the closet!

One of the most common desires of housewives throughout the world is for their garments to smell fresh and pleasant at all times. They spend a lot of money on cleaning goods for this purpose, not realizing that there are cheaper alternatives that they already have on hand. A lesser-known method is to place a bag of rice in the closet to keep the aroma of the clothes for longer.

Women never seem to have enough clothes when it comes to clothing. I enjoy going shopping and purchasing various outfits, even if they are often overshadowed by an impressive collection of other such purchases at home. This also means that the closet is frequently overflowing and garments are strewn across the back shelves. It frequently develops an unpleasant odor that may only be eradicated by washing it again.

You should know that there is a far more accessible and convenient option before taking this step, which takes a lot of time and work. This is a simple approach that anyone may use and does not necessitate the purchase of any additional items.

A cloth bag with 100 grams of rice (about 5 tablespoons) and 6 drops of lavender oil is required.

Prepare the rice by washing it and placing it in a basin, then sprinkling the fragrant oil on top. Allow the two components to sit for a few minutes after mixing with a spoon. Put everything in the bag and use it whatever you like. This bag is then placed between the clothes in the closet or affixed to the shelves. Apart from the fact that the garments will have a lovely odor, the rice will absorb moisture, which will aid in the prevention of mold.

How to Get Rid of Clothes That Smell “Damp”

Lavender not only eliminates the odor of mold, but also that of “moisture,” which is associated with clothing that was not removed from the washing machine in a timely manner, or those that were placed on the shelves while still damp.

To get rid of the stink, bring a saucepan of water to a boil and add a liberal number of lavender flowers. You can then pass the clothes through this mixture and dry them after the water has boiled and absorbed the delightful smell of flowers.