Look at my ugly hands! Have you ever seen such ugly hands?

Our grandparents had a hard time. They went through World War II as children, they went through a lot of changes.

They adapted every time, kept their families together, and survived.

A young woman realized the beauty of her grandmother and therefore reminded others to cherish their grandparents.

“I was visiting my grandmother, I was drinking coffee with her when I heard her say:

– Look at my ugly hands! Have you ever seen such ugly hands?

I was looking at her and she seemed disgusted with her aged hands. She is 73 years old.

Grandma never got her hands on a keyboard, never drove a car, and never had a handful of money in her hands, but her hands made things so much better.

Her hands held my grandfather’s hand when he died. Her hands raised a family with eight children and helped raise great-grandchildren.

Her hands cooked thousands of meals, chopped thousands of potatoes, and picked thousands of beans. The same hands played with me, but they also took care of the vegetable garden.

Her hands taught me how to make a good vegetable soup.

Her hands washed my head, wiped away my tears, and held me when I couldn’t sleep. These hands worked until they were injured. Grandma’s hands were there when I tripped and hurt myself.

These hands helped me to become a wife and a mother. For her, they are ugly, aged, and sun-stained hands.

Grandma gets upset when she looks at them. Maybe she can’t open a bottle of water anymore, but her hands, for me, are the hands that support the world. I will cherish these hands and hold them for as long as I can. ”