The dog’s owner was annoyed when the dog kept waking up her sick baby

A dog is always a blessing in the house: they are not only lovely and loyal companions, but they may also save your life. We’ve all heard stories about dogs protecting their owners or alerting them to danger.

One lady is now hailing her dog as a hero for saving her baby’s life by warning the parents before the youngster stopped breathing.

Kelly Andrew of Boston, Massachusetts, is the proud owner of Henry, a Boston terrier. The dog recently began behaving badly in the middle of the night, breaking into their crib and waking Kelly’s kid.


Kelly claims she had grown “tired” of her dog’s antics, especially since the baby had been sick.


However, she soon realized her baby wasn’t breathing.


Kelly realized Henry wasn’t raising a commotion, but rather was trying to save the baby’s life, when her daughter was rushed to the hospital.


Something was wrong, and the dog immediately knew it. Henry most certainly saved the baby’s life by keeping her awake and alerting the parents, allowing her to seek medical treatment before it was too late.

Kelly commented on Twitter, “I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t woken her.” “Dogs aren’t something we deserve.”


According to the mother, the infant spent the night in the hospital and is now “doing much better.”


Kelly also mentions her loyal dog Henry, who “bravely held the fort all night despite his fear of the dark.”


She also hailed the Connecticut Children’s Hospital’s emergency room staff for being “actual heroes” in assisting her daughter.


However, once the tale went viral, it was excellent dog Henry who received a lot of attention. People were astounded by the dog’s instincts, and several even related their own similar stories, demonstrating how life-saving dogs can be… even when they appear to be behaving badly.

“We couldn’t figure out why my service dog continued going into my parents’ bed multiple times a night sniffing my father’s face and prodding him continuously for the longest time,” one lady answered. “Even when they pushed her away, she would circle back.” She came to a halt as soon as he received his pacemaker.”


“I’m a chronically unwell person.” “I’ve gone to the hospital numerous times because one of my dogs has started smelling and paying attention to a body part and alerting me that something is wrong,” wrote another. “Dogs are heroes!” exclaims the narrator.


We’re so relieved that this baby is now safe, owing to this brave dog’s fast thinking! Henry, you’ve been a good boy!


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