A heartbroken and devoted cat refuses to leave the dying grandmother’s bedside.

Cats form particular relationships with humans and can be a great comfort to their loved ones. We frequently hear stories about dogs being man’s best friend, but cats may also form special bonds with humans and can be a great comfort to their loved ones.

Trooper, a stunning black, and white cat were only two weeks old when she was rescued by a family, but it wasn’t long before it became evident who this adorable cat was closest to.

“She was in the wall,” owner Alex Hackney told The Dodo. “My mom and sister had to get a sledgehammer and tear through the sheetrock to extract her.” “She was about 2 weeks old at the time. Her pupils were dilated and her eyes were barely open.”

Trooper became closer to their Florida grandmother, 96-year-old Sarah Whaley, as she grew older.

Alex explained, “My grandmother truly lived with us for 18 years.” “When my sisters and I were younger, she moved down here to babysit us. She simply sort of lingered. She was unquestionably an important member of our family. “She was the matriarch,” says the narrator.


Unfortunately, Grandma Whaley became ill and spent the majority of her days in bed, but not without the company of her adoring cat Trooper.

Grandma Whaley had bottle-fed Trooper and lavished her with affection, but it wasn’t until this very trying period for the entire family that their true bond emerged.


Every day, Trooper would pay her a visit, sleep in her bed, and even bring her gifts like socks discovered about the house. She would bring her additional gifts as she became ill.


“You could simply see by looking into her eyes that she was aware of what was going on and that she was really distressed about it,” Alexis continued.

When Whaley had a panic episode, Trooper would rush to her rescue and stay with her until she calmed down.


When Grandma Whaley died, her pet cat was distraught; she even stopped eating and paced around the house, wailing.

Trooper is doing much better today, but she still leaves gifts on the floor near the bed where her beloved Grandma Whaley used to sleep.


Cats may not express it, yet they adore us and create strong ties with us.


Please forward to all cat lovers you know; we are all in need of consolation during these trying times.