A stray Pit Bull seeks safety in a dumpster’s trash chamber.

Hope for Paws has located yet another stray dog in desperate need of assistance. The entire experience was chronicled on their YouTube channel, which has over 5 million subscribers.

A fearful Pitbull was discovered abandoned behind a fast-food restaurant’s dumpster by the rescue organization.


Someone had abandoned the Pitbull, who was hiding in a wet, dark place. It didn’t matter who or why at this point. The only thing that mattered was to save the unfortunate puppy, who deserved better.

Hope For Paws had previously rescued another Pitbull, and this one behind the dumpster looked eerily similar to that one. The cause is most likely due to the coat pattern and bashful demeanor.


They approached this one with a good old yummy hamburger, just like they did with the previous Pitbull (whose name was Buddha). Being served a hamburger when you’re afraid and alone feels really fantastic.


After the Pitty had finished eating the hamburger, it was easy for them to put on a leash.

Putting a leash on a fearful dog you don’t know is usually a bad approach. These people, on the other hand, have done it numerous times.

I can only assume that the hamburger is a major factor.


They needed to get the Pitbull out of here as quickly as possible.


The garbage truck was approaching, and she couldn’t hide behind that dumpster while it was being collected. Nobody wants to inadvertently damage a fearful dog on the job.

The Pitbull, still afraid but warming up to its rescuers, needed some more confidence. Nobody knows how long she huddled in dread behind the dumpster, and long periods of solitude may have a significant impact on a dog.


It was time to shower the dog with physical attention, which she hadn’t had in a long time.


So they petted and belly-rubbed the dog. As evidenced by the dog returning some kisses to the crew, this was working.


After the lovely kisses it delivered after she was rescued, they christened the dog “Kisses.”

Kisses now had a reason to stand up again. After who knows how long, she’d gotten food and affection, and that meant the world to a fearful dog. It was time to move on to the next phase. In a shelter, rehabilitation.


Kisses was given a much-needed bubble bath, complete with scrubs for her muzzle.


I’d say she had a great time in the bath, based on her body language.

She’s a much happier dog today than she was when she was in the dumpster. No puppy deserves to be abandoned in a dark, filthy dumpster with no one to play with. Kisses was clearly abandoned by someone who didn’t deserve her.

She’s ready to be adopted by the next caring and loving family who wants to adopt a dog, with a renewed feeling of love and playfulness. I’m hoping it won’t take too long.

She’s certainly a lovely young lady who deserves to be adopted.

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