Beautiful Moment for Depressed Dog at Funeral Saying a Final Goodbye and Actually Finding Closure

Dogs are devoted animals who stick by their masters’ sides no matter what. Dogs have been discovered resting next to little children who have gotten lost and been reported missing; they have even stood guard near the coffin of a soldier owner.

Sadie is exactly the same. When she was eight weeks old, her human parents acquired this border collie-dalmatian-shepherd mix, who is now 13 years old.

But she was terribly devastated when her human father unexpectedly passed away. When medical personnel stopped tending to her husband at their house, Sadie’s human mother Julia Beaulieu claims the dog approached him, sat down next to him, and gently nudged his hand.


Sadie, in addition to Julia, also struggled with her husband’s sudden death. The dog would wait at the window, as she always did, for her owner to drive up.


Sadie even went 10 days without eating and lost 10 pounds. So Sadie was a part of the memorial service Julia organized for her husband.


Julia believed that saying farewell in person would be in Sadie’s best interests. Sadie approached the coffin with Julia during the visitation, stood on her hind legs, and gazed inside.

According to Julia, her dog appeared shocked and was perhaps a little perplexed by what she was seeing. Sadie then appeared to unwind and stayed near her mother.


Pets are family, according to Jeremy May of Elements Cremation, which planned the memorial ceremony; as a result, more and more individuals are bringing their four-legged family members to visitations and other events. To show how precious the relationship between humans and dogs is, they took the touching photo and posted it online.


“We at Elements Cremation, Pre-planning & Burial want to share this photo with you since it has moved us so deeply. In this picture, a man, his wife, and their best friend are seen sharing a wonderful moment. She wanted to say farewell to her beloved husband one final time before she lost him to a terrible heart attack. She displayed depressive symptoms after the death, refused to eat, and awaited his return every day. Sadie may also gain from saying goodbye and finding closure for herself, according to the wife, and she was correct!

Sadie entered her house after leaving the memorial service and had her first supper there. The dog reportedly found the closure she required after seeing her loved one for one final time.


What a heartbreaking yet lovely tale Julia and Elements Cremation have told. In the years to come, may they live in harmony.