Woman Finds Fuel Pump Trick That Provides Exactly the Right Amount of Fuel

People are showing gratitude to a TikToker who shared a ‘life changing’ gasoline pump hack that guarantees that you will only ever fill up with the exact amount of fuel that your vehicle requires. Take a look at it:

Because of continually climbing prices in the UK, motorists have a greater responsibility than ever before to monitor the amount of gasoline they put into their vehicles.


In addition to resolving this issue, the method is the best possible answer for anyone who despises the fact that the reader on the gas pump always goes 1 penny beyond than the amount that was selected.

After discovering a convenient preset button that does all of the work for you, TikTok user Livs (@livticks) decided to share the information with other users.


In the video that has since gone viral, she directs the camera to the button while providing the following explanation: “How come I was never aware that anything like this existed?


If you hit this button — that’s 10 times over for twenty pounds — it will stop itself exactly at twenty pounds.

When the pump performs just that and stops at the 20 pound mark, she yells, “I can’t believe it!” “Wow! That is totally awesome.”


Before you start making comments about the fact that you already knew about this hack, let me tell you that a lot of people didn’t, and it’s a neat method to make sure that you don’t go over your budget every time you refill.


As of the time this article was written, the video, which has since gone viral, has garnered over two million views, and hundreds of individuals have left comments offering their opinions on the hack.


Someone said, “Wait, you mean there will be no more £20.01??? “, to which another person responded, “LIFE CHANGING.”

This sentiment was shared by a large number of people, many of whom agreed with it, including one individual who stated that they ‘don’t know why it bothers them’ when the sum goes over by 1p.


On the other hand, some people had a completely opposite viewpoint on the pet peeve, and one of them wrote: “However, this eliminates the challenge of attempting to accomplish it on your own. Alongside the phrase “it’s a game in itself to arrive on 000s no.01 or.99,” the author included an emoji of a smiling face.


Someone else stated: “However, a significant portion of the fun comes from striving to hit the target exactly. It really is an art.”


One of the commenters also pointed out that the pre-set button is not present on all gas pumps; nonetheless, when it is present, it is a “game changer.”


And then there were those who brought up the cost of petrol, such as this person who made the following comment: “Where did you get to for £20 though… Where do we go from here???”


Another person chimed in and said, “Charging £20 for 10 liters of fuel is unethical.”

A day after hitting a new record of 178.5 pence per liter, industry analysts issued a stern warning late the previous month that gasoline prices could soon reach £2 per liter.


“The cost of filling a 55-litre family car with fuel has now reached £98 for the first time in history,” said Simon Williams, a spokeswoman for the RAC, when speaking to Sky News on the quick increase in prices. “The RAC is concerned about the impact that this will have on consumers.”


In addition, he stated that “we strongly urge the Government to take dramatic action to help lessen the impact that these never-before-seen pump prices would have for drivers.”