The internet is divided over a woman’s “wonderful idea” for keeping her paddling pool heated.

The internet is divided over a woman’s “wonderful idea” for keeping her paddling pool heated. Look it over:

The paddle pool hack was published on TikTok by user Dee Dee, who showed how she keeps it warm using a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub heater connected to a filter system.

You may be asking why anyone would want to reheat the water during this heat wave, but anyone who has ever tried to step foot inside one of these devices will know that hose pipe water is a different sort of chilly.


The UK mother clarified in a subsequent video that they simply chopped one of the pipes to make the filter fit because the heater does all the work and doesn’t need to be plugged in.


Since then, Dee Dee’s concept has gained widespread traction and hundreds of internet comments.

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Many others have expressed their love for the idea and their intention to give it a try, with one person writing: “Brilliant idea.”


“What a fantastic shout! Another person added: “That’s thinking outside the box, I like it. I have this pool and have tried using the solar mats but they are useless.”


However, the main concern expressed by respondents is that this may have an adverse effect on Dee Dee’s electrical bill.


The UK is acutely aware that the cost of living situation has worsened as a result of the greatest increase in domestic energy prices in recent memory, which went into effect in April.


After Ofgem increased the price cap in the average home from £1,277 to £1,971, people have expressed their displeasure with the dramatic increase in their electricity bills.


In light of this, numerous TikTokers recounted their personal experiences with the Lay-Z-Spa heating system, despite the fact that the costs they allege to have incurred varied greatly.

Una said: “$28 per day to heat… we have the 30ft pool, take me 4 days to heat and £30 a day,” while another wrote: “You need to time it properly otherwise it’ll throw an error. Moreover, it spends 0.68p daily.”


A third person added: “My lazy spa used to heat up for £8 and that was with the top on; god knows how much that’s costing you now. Now it costs me £16. Sell a kidney instead.”


We decided to look at some statistics to determine whether the hack is indeed worthwhile, with estimates ranging from 68p to £30 per day.


First off, it should go without saying that the size of your pool will have a major impact on this; larger pools require more water and electricity. This guideline also holds true for how frequently the pool is used.


The website of the hot tub manufacturer estimates that a Lay-Z-Spa currently costs between £7 and £10 a week to operate.


However, these projections assume that a typical-sized hot tub is used for 30-45 minutes, three to four times per week.


Currently, it is estimated that a kWh of electricity costs the UK little over 23p.

They state that you must multiply the kWh and hours to determine the watts per hour, then multiply watts per hour by the energy tariff to obtain the cost of use.


For instance, the Lay-Z-Spa Cancun tub uses 2.05 kWh, so if you’re using it to heat a pool, you’ll need to run it for longer.

It would cost you just over 94p if you ran it for three hours, which is how long Dee Dee claimed she runs it each day when her family uses the pool.


In conclusion, it looks that the hack—a Lay-Z-Spa warming system and a family-sized paddling pool—is the best option if you have a few extra pounds each week.


There is always the hose pipe if you don’t.