The child leaves home with 2 packs of food every day. His mother marvels when she finds out his reason

Anyone who has ever raised a child already knows how surprising little ones can be.

Even so, Josette Duran was not a little surprised when her young son, Dylan, approached her one morning and asked her if she could have two packed lunches for school.

Josette, who was just preparing the usual package for Dylan, was taken by surprise by this request, instantly feeling that something was wrong. She asked him if the usual portion of food was not enough to make him full, but it seemed that in reality, things were quite different…

After asking her several questions, Josette found out that Dylan was asking for a second packet of food for his friend. There was a boy at school who didn’t have enough money to eat a single cup of fruit every day, and Dylan wanted him to have a full meal, like the rest of the children.

He later learned that the boy’s mother had just lost her job and that she was the only person raising him.

“This moved me to tears because a few years ago, my son and I didn’t have a shelter,” Josette said. “We lived in the car, washed in public bathrooms, and ran out of food.”

Josette set to work, preparing the second packet of food for Dyan’s friend and promising to continue to do so every day.

And she even kept her promise, preparing two packages a day, until one day when the school principal called her and invited her to a meeting.

Josette went to school, only to find the other boy’s mother there, waiting for her. The woman had amassed all the money she had, in an attempt to reward Josette for her enormous kindness.

Josette refused the money and promised to count on her help. As the coach of a women’s volleyball team, Josette organized a fundraising program to help other children who are facing the same problems as Dylan’s friend.

That being said, his team managed to raise the $ 400 he made available to cover the costs of lunch for those children who could not afford it.

“As a result, now no one in the school owes any money and all the children can benefit from food,” Josette explained.

What an inspiring woman and how beautiful she was to raise Dylan: “I educated my child by teaching him to do the right thing, and when he did, I felt wonderful.” Nowadays, when so many children think only of themselves, he has decided to make a difference.

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