The girl has been missing from home for 2 days. The chances of being found alive were slim, then the story takes an unexpected turn due to the family dog.

There are a variety of societal conditions in which the lives of the youngest members of a family can be jeopardized. Charlee, who is two years old, was placed in the care of her grandma. She left the house, leaving the small girl alone, after a few seconds of tranquility.

Charlee left the home and, a few minutes later, exited the courtyard, traveling to an unknown destination, most likely in search of her grandma. However, someone, sensing danger, started to pursue her.

Charlee was visiting her grandmother when she vanished: neighbors noticed her exiting the house and walking down a tiny road into the woods.

The woman’s house is on the outskirts of town, surrounded by trees and with few other people.

When she arrived home and discovered the house was vacant, she quickly contacted the police, saying that her two-year-old niece and her dog Pitbull had gone missing. A police unit was dispatched to the location right away, but in the meantime, people had organized in search of the child.

For a two-year-old girl, the surroundings held many dangers: in the past, there had been mishaps caused by venomous snakes in the area and natural lakes in the forest. They needed to find Charlee right away.

Unfortunately, despite countless hours spent looking for the youngster, no trace of the girl or the dog has been found. Many others began to lose hope two days after he vanished. There were far too many threats for such a young child to deal with.

Grandmother had isolated herself in the house to pray when she looked out the window and saw her Pitbull emerging from the dense woodland. Even though Charlee wasn’t with him, something told her that the dog’s appearance was a good sign.

The woman was correct: a neighbor had spotted a blonde girl dressed similarly to Charlee on the day of her abduction not far away. The child was fatigued, but she appeared to be in good health. The man welcomed her to his residence and contacted the cops after offering her a glass of water. Charlee had returned!

Following the reunification, the police and the grandmother discovered that the Pitbull had protected the child during his two days away: the child had most likely found his way back thanks to him, and no one can rule out the possibility that the quadruped had protected him from dangerous animals in the area.

Pitbull had always proven to be Charlee’s true guardian angel, but no one could have predicted that he would go so far: for Charlee, this experience will be a distant memory, but everyone will remember Pitbull—the heroic man who understood how to safely return the tiny child!