The dog cries when it is rescued a few minutes before being slaughtered for the meat market

When a puppy’s life seemed to be coming to an end, he began to cry bitter tears. However, his heroes arrived just in time to save him from a tragic end at the meat market.

Previously, roughly 10,000 dogs were slain annually in Asia, but that figure has plummeted to 1,000 in recent years. Images of dogs in cages waiting to arrive on a plate of food are tough to comprehend in the Western world, where the dog is considered man’s greatest friend.

The protagonist of this narrative was imprisoned with 50 other specimens in a filthy cage. All dogs have the same fate: killing and subsequent meat sale for human food.

The rescue came as a result of a lawsuit filed by Humane Society International volunteers, who physically moved to the slaughterhouse in Yongin, South Korea, to intervene.

Robin’s rescue effort from this terrifying location was carried out in cooperation with other local animal protection organizations. Despite the numerous regulations and laws in place, many dealers continue to engage in this horrible act in order to profit.

We have the opportunity to witness the rescue of the aging puppy through an emotional video. The one who, when incarcerated, quenched his thirst with a few drops of water and fed his hunger with a smidgeon of food.

Because of all the bad things that had happened to him, the puppy’s heart was broken.

The rescuers were moved to see his eyes full of tears of resignation, or perhaps tears of gladness that he had been saved by these lovely individuals with a big heart, when they pulled him out.

“Robin was crying as I took him out.” “I’m not sure if it was sadness or ecstasy that made his eyes water. According to one of the International Humane Society’s members.

This poor puppy will never have to suffer again as a result of his unfortunate circumstances or terrible living conditions.

The animals’ fate was unknown after the clandestine farm dedicated to the dog meat trade was demolished. The most certain thing is that they would have been euthanized if the charity had not acted quickly on behalf of animal rights.

Volunteers decided to relay the story through a social media post, which drew a flood of enthusiastic feedback.

Thousands upon thousands of people have already shared the post.

We were all struck by Robin’s tears. – the volunteers added.

Another 50 dogs, all in bad shape, were rescued alongside him. Unfortunately, four of them did not have the same luck.

Thankfully, we will only hear positive news about these furs from now on, as they have been moved to a veterinary hospital. They will begin physical and emotional recovery treatment there while waiting for a home and family who will treat them with love and respect.

“Finally, we’ll hunt for the perfect home for everyone, one that will make them happy and allow them to be adopted by wonderful families.”

Animals are not to blame for their origins, whether they were born on the street, are sick, or are victims of people who do not judge them.

Fortunately, there appears to be a better understanding of proper animal treatment; while some individuals continue to refuse to listen, there will always be good people eager to defend animals’ rights.