An orphaned rabbit visits the family that rescued and fed him every day for eight weeks.

Cats and dogs, without a question, are the most popular pets, but other non-speaking species, such as domestic rabbits or hares, can also provide unexpected moments of sensitivity and affection.

Well, a rabbit is at the core of this beautiful story, which reads like something out of a fairy tale collection. Clover the rabbit was rescued and nurtured by the Terry family for a few weeks before being “adopted” by them. Every day, the animal pays him a visit.

The Terry family from Lincolnshire, England, rescued this orphaned rabbit and housed it in their home for several weeks so it could regain its strength and safely return to its natural habitat. However, none of the family members expected to see him again sooner than they expected…

The rabbit was finally released into the wild after being cared for and fed for around 8 weeks. The Clover rabbit, on the other hand, came to the Terry family in the garden two months after his release to meet them and thank them for saving him. And it’s like that every day!

“He entered through the back door, which astonished us, he went upstairs and looked in the mirror of our closet; as if he wanted to see how much he had grown,” Trifoi said after those two months.

Daisy, 14, Blake, 12, and Eliza, 9, are the Terry family’s three children, and all three competed to help care for Clover, especially Eliza, who aspires to be a veterinarian. “She is really enthusiastic about animals and takes care of them and wildlife.”

The Clover bunny was discovered in the garden while Mark Terry was mowing the lawn and quickly became a family member.

Who claims that only dogs and cats are capable of showing affection to humans?