After being abandoned in the middle of the road, the dog runs as fast as he can to the owner’s car.

Why would someone abandon a pet? It’s difficult to comprehend. A recent abandonment case in West Virginia, USA, has sparked a lot of discussions after the driver of a van drove into a neighborhood, opened the door, and pushed a dog out…

The dog can be seen keeping an eye on the car. The video went viral on social media because it is such an emotional scene.

In Milton, West Virginia, Bob Edmonds saw the dog being abandoned. The car can be seen accelerating in the photos, while the dog runs after him as fast as he can, but to no avail.

Edmonds posted the footage to his Facebook page to raise awareness and find the perpetrator of this heinous act.

Fortunately, Stephanie Elswick, an avid animal lover, stepped in to care for the puppy, which turned out to be in excellent health.

Stephanie noticed the dog tied up in a nearby yard, around 2 kilometers from where the event was captured on film. Stephanie told WSAZ 3 News, “I asked them if that was their dog.” “They declined. They had discovered him on the side of the road and had bound him to keep him secure.”

Stephanie explains that the abandoned chocolate Labrador is healthy and sociable, making it even more difficult to comprehend why it was abandoned. “You don’t simply toss him out on the road like that and expect him to handle himself,” she explained.

The dog is presently secure at the “Huntington Cabell-Wayne” animal sanctuary in Huntington, West Virginia. Anyone with information about the driver is asked to come to the shelter’s offices or contact them via the shelter’s Facebook page.