The polite dog tries by all means to drive the kitten out of its bed

Bailey’s favorite place for his canine roommate, according to kitten Simon, was much comfier than the couch or bed where he used to be lazy all day. As a result, he allocated it to himself without requesting anyone’s permission. The dog, on the other hand, is not pleased with what has happened to his comfortable and restful bed!

Bailey is initially perplexed as to why Simon is snoozing in his bed and barking at the kitten to depart. “Hey, Simon, this is my bed,” he seems to be saying. When he realizes that this strategy isn’t working, he attempts to chase the kitten away in a cute manner (very gentle, because after all, he is a very polite dog).

Then he sinks his head into the bed, attempting to adjust to the notion that everything must be shared. He quickly takes a seat next to the bed, and Simon concludes that Bailey is more comfortable than the source of trouble!

The adorable video has received over 22 million views in recent months, owing to Internet viewers’ instant affection for Bailey’s hilarious reactions.

Bailey may not realize it yet, but we believe Simon has opted to treat him as a close friend who is exclusively interested in sharing everything with him. Bailey, you’re going to have to get accustomed to being surprised!