A pregnant dog mother is desperately trying to find a place to give birth.

The decision to bring a dog into the house necessitates time and commitment in order to meet all of the animal’s needs. Consider how much effort is required for eight dogs! Chris and Mariesa provide excellent care for their animals, but the love they show them is well worth the effort. The two young men enjoy rescuing dogs from shelters, and when they heard about a pregnant Pitbull puppy on the last hundred meters, they couldn’t say no and took her home with them. But the best thing is that no one knew how many puppies the unlucky puppy would give birth to until now!

Chris and Mariesa had eight dogs in their house, all of which had been rescued from high-risk shelters. Saving dogs, they say, is like strengthening their marriage. That’s why, when they learned about a pregnant Pitbull female named History who was being kept in a sheltered cage, they felt they had to save her.

They realized they couldn’t keep her because they already had eight dogs, but they wanted to provide her with a warm, safe environment to give birth. So they decided to take her to the vet to check on her pregnancy and, more importantly, to find out how many chicks she should anticipate. As a result, they discovered that History was wearing not one, not two, but a total of 12 puppies!

The delivery of 12 puppies, as well as the care of the eight dogs who had already been adopted, seemed impossible, but Chris and Mariesa remained undeterred.

Even the puppy must have appreciated the couple’s kindness since she went into labor the same evening she arrived home. The couple intended to adopt all or at least one of the 12 puppies, but in the end, they decided to do everything they could to find a home for each of them, including the mother.

Chris’s best buddy adopted the narrative, and the puppies were adopted by loving families: the story could not have ended any better! Sincere gratitude to this pair for allowing the dog to give birth to a puppy in a warm and safe environment!