The dog trembled with fear in a corner after being abandoned because the owners were expecting a baby.

Dogs are full members of the family, and they should be treated as such. Unfortunately, this was not the case for Rocco, a 3-year-old German Shepherd. Because his owners were going to become parents and no longer wanted him, the sad puppy was abandoned at Dallas Animal Services in Texas.

Rocco was underweight, quiet, and afraid of adults, according to shelter staff. He was crouched in a kennel corner, quivering with terror. Because he recognized his owner had abandoned him, his brown eyes were sorrowful and bare.

A kind woman, seeing how gentle and scared Rocco was, posted a video with him online to assist him in finding a good family. Rocco’s photo was also uploaded on the animal shelter’s official Facebook page in the hopes that someone would adopt him and give him a forever home.

Fortunately, Preethi Pillaipakkam, a wonderful animal lover, quickly offered to aid him through the “DFW German Shepherd Rescue.” Preethi was taken aback by the fact that Rocco had been abandoned due to the birth of a child.

Rocco was shy and scared at his new home for the first several days. Rocco, on the other hand, became increasingly relaxed with the guidance of Pillaipakkam and the other dog she owns. Everyone was ecstatic to learn that the quadruped was becoming happier and more confident in his surroundings.

Pillaipakkam remarked, “He slowly began to explore the house.” “He enjoys his couches and bed, as well as loud toys like tennis balls. He is an excellent seeker.”

Pillaipakkam has also set up an Instagram account to keep followers up to date on the dog’s progress. She believes that by adopting Rocco, others will be inspired to adopt adult dogs, who are frequently abandoned at shelters due to changes in their owners’ life.

In any family, the birth of a child is good news that can only bring joy. However, when you become a parent, don’t forget about your cherished pets. They are also family members of yours. They have the right to be treated with kindness and respect.


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Eventually, this gentle and sweet dog was fortunate enough to receive the loving family and home he deserved. Sincere congrats to everyone who participated and did everything they could to help Rocco have a second life!