The abandoned puppy follows the ambulance until it impresses the paramedics and makes them stop.

When our four-legged pals are unable to speak verbally, such as by growling or barking, they will always find a method to communicate with their owners. Dogs are loyal above all else, and they prioritize and attend to the needs of the people they love.

Unfortunately, not all families react to their pets in the same way. Sirena, a dog who was left homeless after being abandoned on the streets of Evansville, Indiana, is another example (USA).

Sirena began desperately chasing an ambulance a few weeks ago, seemingly out of nowhere. For a few minutes, the sad dog chased after the truck, as if she knew there were people out there who would give her a chance.

Mermaid’s relentless determination prompted paramedics from the American Medical Response ambulance to pull over and investigate what was going on.

When the team observed the dog approaching the ambulance, they were just received an emergency call. The paramedics were aware of the situation and opted to take her with them. The next day, they attempted to locate the owner and inquire about him by calling the community, but were unsuccessful.

The mermaid lacked a microchip, and after several days passed with no one coming forward to claim it, it was evident to all that their deed had saved a life.

The puppy gradually won the hearts of everyone on the paramedic team, according to Lee Turpin, the city’s head of emergency services. “[…] Everyone adored her, and one of our employees took charge of her upkeep,” Lee explained.

Sirena was eventually adopted by one of the paramedics who had offered her assistance two weeks later. At the same time, the puppy became a complete member of this group of health heroes, with each of them embracing her in their hearts and showering her with affection.