A poor schoolboy hid his empty lunchbox every day

Stuart begged his grandmother every morning not to send him to school with an empty lunchbox. The 10-year-old smiled and said, “I’m tired of pretending I’m not hungry when I really am.


It’s better that I stay home from school since I’m being played for a fool by someone who hides food in my empty lunchbox.


Stuart carried his backpack and no meals every day as he went to school. He constantly pretended he wasn’t hungry, so none of his classmates were aware that he had nothing to eat.


When the boy returned to class, he frequently discovered his empty lunchbox stuffed with delicious food. He made the decision to find out who was doing it one day, and was shocked to learn the reality…

Stuart was marching across the corridor after lunch when he heard someone exclaim, “Hey, look…the lonely kid in our class.”


“Why doesn’t he join any of us for dinner?”

The youngster gasped in sobs, “W-what is it, Granny? What happened to mom?” I’m worried. Is she okay? Tell me what happened, please.


Stuart was accustomed to hearing such comments. He had pleaded with his grandmother not to enroll him in school until their financial situation improved because of this.




Three months prior, Jane, Stuart’s mother, was involved in an accident while returning from work. She had been in a coma ever since the catastrophe, despite having survived. The fact that she and her mother Edith had trouble paying for needs due to the loans they had taken only made matters worse. Stuart therefore received only breakfast and dinner while being sent to school without a lunch.




Stuart pleaded, “Not again…Grandma, I’m tired of seeing my empty lunchbox.” I could save some room in my purse instead of carrying that empty thing, so why do I have to take one when there’s no use for it?




It devastated Edith to have to do this every day. She didn’t want Stuart to be made fun of by the other kids for having nothing to eat. Sweetheart, I’ll create something beautiful for you when you get home. Just a few more days.




To buy some supplies and prepare a wonderful meal for her grandson, Edith had planned to borrow money from her neighbor. And did you discover the culprit behind the lunchbox food theft?




“Grandma, I’m not sure yet, but I’ll try to find out today.”




The young boy went to school while carrying a broken heart and unfulfilled dreams. Soon it was time for lunch. Stuart took his lunchbox and hid it under the desk as the other children pulled out their own and gathered together to eat.




He murmured, “I’ll take a stroll and sit at the grotto.” But he was planning to come back before the bell sounded to find out who had been packing his lunch.




Stuart’s favorite lunchtime location was the school’s Virgin Mary grotto. He would remain there and offer prayers for his family to be better. He repeated his actions on that day.




I don’t want to pretend any longer, Holy Mother, and I want to find out today who has been placing food in my lunch box.




Then, all of a sudden, it began to rain. Stuart hurried to his lesson in an effort to avoid getting wet. When he arrived in the classroom, his classmates were still eating. Before the break was finished, there was still a long way to go. He walked up to his bench and flung open his lunchbox to look inside. He sensed something inside once more.




He murmured, “It was vacant when I left it a while ago. Stuart was shocked to discover three sandwiches, an orange, grapes, and dry fruits as he curiously opened the package.




Should I eat it? How did these get in here? Who put them there?




He turned to check whose child was munching on a sandwich. He then noticed Catherine, his one and only close buddy in the class, enjoying a sandwich a bench behind him.




Stuart said, “What? W-going what’s on? Did you carry out this?




When he glanced around, he noticed his classmate Gareth eating grapes. Stuart saw that the smiles were coming from the kids when they both grinned at him. The youngster started crying, and his buddies came over to comfort him while he sat in silence. Stuart started to regain his confidence at this point.


We only wanted you to be happy because we are aware of your mother’s situation, Catherine added. “Hey, why are you crying?” she asked. “Everyday I’ll bring lunch for you, so you don’t have to pretend to be hungry any more.”




I’ll keep bringing you fruits and juice, I agree. Gareth continued.




Stuart was approached by the entire class, who pledged to help him until his mother recovered. The child was amazed by what he saw and happy to see them extend a helping hand. When he turned to face Catherine and enquired as to how she managed to accomplish all of this, she revealed something even more unexpected.




I persuaded the entire class to assist you because “my father likes your mom very much. It was he who urged me to share my lunch with you.”




What do you mean by he “likes” my mother, and why does your father wish to assist us?




However, Catherine was unable to respond to Stuart’s queries. He told me he likes your mother, but I don’t know.




For a while, Stuart ignored the situation out of confusion. Although he was grateful for the assistance from his friends and classmates, something about Catherine’s comment troubled him.




Joseph, Catherine’s father, paid Stuart and his grandmother a visit one evening. Joseph handed them some food and clothes, saying, “If you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask.”




The man’s sudden interest in Stuart’s family perplexed Stuart. When the time was right, he sprinted outside to speak with Joseph before he got into his car.




The boy, who was panting, replied, “Mr. Joseph…wait up, I need a minute with you.




“Son, what is it?”




Is it true that you allegedly told Catherine that you “like” my mother? What’s the deal?




There was silence for a while. Although Joseph first felt it was unnecessary for the boy to know anything, he now felt that it was.




As he drove by the bewildered youngster, he grinned and exclaimed, “I don’t just like your mother—I adore her!”




Stuart raced to his grandmother in a rage and informed her of what Joseph had just said. To his astonishment, though, grandmother Edith gave him a hug and told him to consider himself fortunate to have a father like Joseph.




“Granny? B-but…How can he be my father? He’s my friend’s father.




Stuart then heard the unbelievable. It turns out that in high school, Joseph and Jane were close friends. Joseph had feelings for Jane, but he never said anything about them.




Unexpectedly, she wed and had a child with a different man. But when Stuart’s father abandoned his mother and did not come back, things took a new turn.




Joseph wed a woman in the interim, and they had a daughter. He had been unmarried since since his wife’s illness-related death. He chose to reestablish their friendship after learning about Jane’s past when he saw her three months ago at a parent-teacher conference.




However, given that Jane was in a coma following the tragedy, Joseph chose to be cautious until she was well. He was determined to assist her family after learning of their financial situation. Stuart was coping with his feelings now that he knew the reality.




Stuart’s grandmother received a call from the hospital two weeks later.




She said, “Are you serious? Oh, God…Is this true…It can’t be!”




What’s going on, Grandma? What’s going on with mom? I’m scared…Is she okay?,” the child muttered through his sobs. Tell me, what took place. ”




The doctor welcomed them to the hospital with some bad news that caused Edith to start crying.




It’s a wonder! Currently conscious, Jane is available for meeting.




After three long months, Edith and Stuart were overjoyed to see Jane moving and speaking.




“Mom! You were really missed, and I adore you! Stuart sobbed while she held him.




Jane eventually found out how Joseph helped her family while she was away and was released the next day when Joseph promised to pay her hospital fees.




Slowly, Jane started to see Joseph as more than just her best friend, and they started dating, and soon were married in a small church ceremony.




Stuart went with Catherine to the school’s grotto after remembering his prayer there and was relieved to see their situation improve so quickly. There, he sobbed in front of the Virgin Mary in silence.




“Hail Mary, thank you!




” As his best friend, Catherine, who is now his stepsister, held him, he sobbed and lit a candle.




Come home with me, brother!




” She then led the way as the two proceeded to their home.




When learning about his closest friend Jane’s family’s hardships after she fell into a coma, Joseph made the decision to help them. He requested his daughter Catherine to share her lunch with Jane’s son Stuart and tried to make Stuart’s family feel at home.


Believe in miracles and pray because they are more powerful than you believe. During his lunch break, Stuart frequently sat in front of the school’s grotto and prayed for his family’s well-being and his mother’s health. His prayers were most resoundingly answered.