After Blake Shelton “stabs her in the back,” Gwen Stefani trembles in rage.

Even if it’s his wife Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton is making sure all of his fellow Voice coaches see his outrageous antics before he leaves for good at the end of the current season.

In the most recent episode of The Voice season 22, the country singer sparked a heated battle round that had the lead singer of No Doubt shaking with rage. It happened when Gwen had team members Jay Allen and Cara Brandisi sing “Leather and Lace” by Don Henley and Stevie Nicks. Although picking Cara as the winner, she wasn’t yet prepared to let go of Jay. Gwen utilized her one save on him in a double-surprise turn of events, but she wasn’t prepared for her husband to fly in and startle her.

She remarked, “Honestly, that was such a hard one for me, and it was so perplexing because I knew that I wanted to help Jay,” just before Blake intervened with the ultimate Voice betrayal. “What if Jay gets stolen?”

Whoa, that was an unexpected move! Blake’s deceit may have angered Gwen, but Voice viewers weren’t overly angry.

Blake is the show’s “heart, soul, raw talent, and comic relief,” according to a YouTube commenter. This is the reason Blake will be missed. Another viewer said, “I can’t picture this show being as good or as successful as it has been without Blake. Another supporter chimed in, “Blake Shelton is everything and a legend.

Blake’s tactical maneuver may not have fully startled everyone, but the main characters on the NBC drama undoubtedly were. When the situation took a dramatic turn, host Carson Daly said, “It’s a save against a steal between husband and wife!”

Yet in typical Blake form, he soon admitted that the unexpected theft was a part of a larger scheme. I intended to employ my steal. Just then would be the ideal time for a good zinger, which is what I was looking for. Wait until she says anything; that’ll be funny, I thought.

What did Gwen think of his scheme? Blake may need to exercise caution when he returns home, it seems. “My true hubby stabs me in the back. She said on the broadcast that Blake would undoubtedly pay for that in the future.

What else does Blake have up his sleeve given the strategies he has previously employed this season? To find out, all we can do is wait.