Demi Moore has moved back in with Bruce Willis, in light of the actor’s Aphasia diagnosis.

According to rumors, Demi Moore has moved into the house of her ex-husband Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming in an effort to assist with his care after being diagnosed with dementia.

The actress, 60, and her ex are still on good terms after divorcing. They have three daughters together.

She allegedly moved in with Bruce, Emma, and their two younger daughters in an effort to lessen the stress caused by the fact that his illness is getting worse.

According to reports, the women are collaborating to provide the Hollywood icon, 67, with the greatest care possible while he fights frontotemporal dementia.

Emma, 44, expressed hope earlier this week that her husband’s illness and her voice may be used to “raise awareness” of the ailment.

She complimented carers in the social media post, referring to them as “unsung heroes”.

Demi has moved in and won’t be leaving until the very last minute, a source told Radar.

They continued by saying the actress had been interacting with the family frequently throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

“Now it makes sense,” they said, “but at first no one outside the family could comprehend what Demi was doing living with her ex and his new wife.

Demi has been a pillar for the family and is committed to making sure that every moment of time Bruce has left on earth is filled with love.

Demi’s agents have been approached by The Mirror for comment.

Emma had to beg people earlier this week to stop recording her husband and to stop yelling at him. She told the photographers to “keep your space” as they attempted to take pictures of the celebrity.

“So this is going out to the photographers and the video folks who are trying to capture those exclusives of my hubby out and about, just keep your space,” she continued. I recognize that you are doing your job, but please respect my space.

“For the video folks, please don’t be yelling at my husband, asking him how he’s doing, or the woo-hooing or the yippee-ki-yays, just don’t do it, okay?” she pleaded as she concluded her video.