DNA test reveals truth for identical males with the same name who wonder if their parents lied to them.

Due to their names, appearances, and, well, everything else, two minor league players are causing some major league confusion.

Pitcher Brady Feigl, who stands 6 feet 4 inches tall, plays for an Oakland A’s Single-A affiliate. Brady Feigl, a pitcher with the Texas Rangers Double-A team, is 6 feet 4 inches tall.

According to Inside Edition, the Bradys both had red hair, red beards, and a preference for large glasses.

Even stranger: According to Inside Edition, both of them underwent Tommy John surgery and utilized the same surgeon.

Do you see any similarities?

The Feigls don’t think they are long-lost twins who were split apart at birth, or even linked in any way, despite the similarities.

Inside Edition, on the other hand, opted to let science make the final decision and had both Brady Feigls submit to a DNA test.

It turned out that they shared a significant similarity: The Feigls had a 53 percent proportion of Germanic ancestry.

But since they don’t share DNA, they aren’t really connected to one another.

Brady Feigl of the Texas Rangers club stated, “We’re still brothers in a manner,” while Brady Feigl of the Oakland A’s affiliate retorted, “And we’re always going to be Brady Feigl.”

While they awaited the results of the DNA test, Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl stood together and exchanged longing glances. The two of them resembled one another in the mirror’s reflection. Despite not growing up together, they shared the same name and resembled twins.

Both of their stomachs clenched with anxiety as the findings were revealed. What were the things that their parents had been keeping from them all this time?

Brady Feigl was born in Dallas, Texas, and has always had a love for baseball (we’ll refer to him as Brady 1 to avoid confusion). He was an A-student who was tall and athletic. His mother likes to brag about what a good kid he was.

Brady adored and completely trusted his parents. Up until he met Brady, when whispers started to circulate.

Brady Feigl was the class clown who loved to have a good time and had played baseball ever since he could stand up. Texas’s Heuston is where he was raised. He had been well-treated by his parents, who had adopted him as a newborn.

He frequently pondered his birth parents and the existence of any siblings. When he later met Brady, he realized that they must be related in some way.

Brady and Brady both continued playing baseball throughout their adolescence and were accepted into the University of Texas in Arlington. Brady 1 and Brady 2 both majored in accounting and political science, respectively.

However, baseball was both of their true loves, and they later both went on to play for the Texas Rangers in Arlington. They immediately sensed that they had a common history when they first met.

The two athletes, who were identical in every manner, initially made their coach, coach Johnson, laugh. After a while, the joke grew stale, and he began to find coaching the identical redheads more and more challenging.

Every time he called their names and they both responded, he found himself getting irritated. He exclaimed, “You guys really have to figure out if you’re related or not because you’re both equally annoying!” one day out of irritation. The two men turned to face one another and noticed they shared much more in common than just a similar name and appearance. There is no way it is a coincidence.

The two similar redheads were the subject of many jokes from their teammates. To distinguish them from Ron Weasley’s twin redheaded brothers from Harry Potter, they began going by the names Fred and George. Brady 2 was a joker, and the two of them enjoyed it by playing into it.

Up until that point, the jokes had been lighthearted.

The two redheads began to consider the notion that they might actually be related as the Fred and George jokes with their teammates persisted. They realized things was getting a little out of hand when a teammate crossed the line with a joke by implying the two of them had the same mother.

They both realized then that they needed to find out what was going on.

After their teammate’s sharp jabs, the two Bradys got down and talked about the idea that they might genuinely be twins or brothers. After all, they shared a common sense of humor, were both spectacles wearers, and were the same height.

Brady 2 and Brady 1 merely had different eye colors—Brady 2 had blue eyes and Brady 1 had hazel—but Brady 2 was an adopted child, and Brady 1’s mother had blue eyes. They seized the chance when it was presented to them to determine whether their parents had been lying.

Fans of the Texas Rangers have come to love the two players who were a match. Their supporters launched a Kickstarter to fund a DNA test because they were so fixated on the idea that the two might be related.

The participants were approached about taking the exam after the Kickstarter met its goal. It was accepted, and the two men understood that this was the turning point in their relationship.

After providing saliva samples, Brady and Brady’s tests were sent out for evaluation. They were aware that the outcomes would alter their lives. For years, they had been plagued by rumors that they were twins who had been split apart at birth.

As they read the initial findings, they could be seen to be anxious. They were unable to believe it. The same men Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl have zero relation to one another. However, the findings revealed that they did have a lot of commonalities.

The two Feigls discovered that they shared exactly the same percentage of Germanic ancestry (53% each) when they examined their ancestry DNA. Their surnames were most likely related because of this. Brady 1 had some Italian ancestry, whereas Brady 2 had more Irish.

The results surprised the two players, but they were relieved that their parents hadn’t lied to them. They were nevertheless still related in a crucial way.

The nicknames Fred and George, which their coach now used to distinguish them, still belong to the two men, who have grown to be very close friends over the years. They will always be connected because of their shared DNA testing experience.

The redheaded baseball stars still view each other as brothers despite not having any blood relations.