I reduced my energy costs by using a cheap, $30 item

With a common item that costs only £30, a woman has reduced her energy costs, and she has shown how you can do the same.

The 23-year-old Lydia Sear’s hack, which she claims is an inexpensive method to keep your house warm this winter, especially in light of the cost-of-living problem, has gone viral.


The London woman described how, to prevent draughts from entering her home, she placed a foam product she purchased on Amazon between the gaps in her floorboards.

Stopping the infiltration of cold air through floorboards, one of a home’s four energy-sucking hotspots, may save you up to £180.


Knowing that the floors in her house were contributing to her increased energy costs, Lydia looked for a fix and then shared it on TikTok.


“It’s the simple adjustments that count,” she wrote as the video’s caption.

Additionally, the video states: “PSA: Heat can readily escape via cracks in your floorboards, costing you more to keep your home warm.”


The next scene in the video shows Lydia squeezing the foam product between her floorboard gaps.


DraftEx is the brand, and Lydia spent $31 on a roll of 40 meters of 8mm tubing.


Over 225,000 people have watched her video as of this writing.

As she explained to NeedToKnow.online “It has undoubtedly prevented the draft from entering the rooms, and I’ve noticed it more clearly when I’ve been wearing socks while going around the house.


This is a less expensive option if people want a quick fix without going bankrupt but can’t buy carpets because the expense of living crisis is taking its toll.


Added her: “It ended up being fairly easy; you can either cut pre-measured pieces or just pull them straight off the roll.


“The roll is pushed along the length of the gap by pinching and squeezing it into the spaces between the floorboards.


“I used the nail file that was hooked to my pen knife because I thought it was simpler.

The foam can be stretched to fit into smaller spaces and will expand and contract with the wood because it is rather spongey.


One of the well-known places where bothersome draughts might enter is via the floorboards, which not only makes you colder but also raises your energy costs.


Elvin Nagamootoo, the head of energy product at Shell Energy, added that they might be costing you more than you think.


Elvin stated: “Insulating your floors can save you up to £180 per year for a detached house and roughly £110 for the ordinary household.”


Your chimney, loft hatch, windows, and doors are additional energy-sucking hotspots in your house.


You may raise the thermostat or leave the heating on longer if there are potential leaks where hot air is escaping and cold air is entering.

However, there are methods to block them up that are either free or inexpensive.


According to experts, the actions might result in hundreds of pounds in savings.


Millions of households, whose annual energy costs rose to £2,500 due to the government’s energy price guarantee, will benefit from the savings.