In a grocery store, an 82-year-old woman was caught shoplifting.

When an elderly woman in need in Ferentino went shopping without paying, the store manager made a kind and heroic gesture toward her by saying, “I told her everything, she might have been my mother.”

A senior citizen was discovered robbing the Se Bon grocery on Via Casilina in Ferentino, Frosinone. She asked the owner to intercede, “Don’t call the police please, I don’t want my grandchildren to know,” and he stopped it. Il Messaggero tells the story of the episode, in which the main character is one of the many people who are at risk of falling into poverty and are unable to survive through the end of the month because of price hikes. 82-year-old grandma, a widow with a meager pension, was hungry but unable to go shopping due of her rent and other expenses. She cannot ask the kids for assistance because they are struggling financially and she does not want to bother them.

Francesco Sciucco, the store manager, cut off the call to 112 and handed her the merchandise—everything she had placed in the cart, right down to the last cent. He stated the possibility of it being my mother, so I was unable to act differently. A kind and admirable deed performed by the businessman, who does not want to be hailed as a hero: “I do not want any praise for what I have done; I have made many sacrifices in life and I cannot turn away in the face of people’s hardships.” A few euros don’t mean much to me, so come get what you need whenever you want, he said.

The supermarket manager gives her money because she doesn’t have any to go shopping.

Around noon, the woman entered the store and purchased canned tuna, bread, and mortadella. She hid the items in her bag while she was at the shelves and tried to leave without using the checkout lanes. The employees urged her to unzip the bag and informed her that if they had not noticed the scene, they would have alerted the carabinieri. The other shoppers in the supermarket became aware of this and came over to the exit to see what was going on. I don’t want my grandchildren to know that their grandmother is a thief,” the elderly woman said as the staff was preparing to phone 112 after first refusing. The owner then gave her everything she had taken and allowed her to go home.