Mom gets a photo from the babysitter and immediately dials 911

She was finally able to turn on her phone again once the plane touched down. She was overcome with fear and panic after the long hours on board. A beep finally sounded, and a small preview image appeared on her screen.

She didn’t give it much thought at first, but upon closer inspection, she felt sick to her stomach. She was moved by what she saw in that vision to the point where she decided to forego her entire work weekend and return home.

Anyone who has kids understands how crucial it is to hire a reliable babysitter who is capable. Parents are also familiar with the anxiety that comes with last-minute plans changing or canceling and having no available babysitters.


Typically, it is a stressful period that no one enjoys, parent or not. It eventually came to pass for single mother Claudia Sorhaindo.


It all began with a promotion at work. It was an incredible chance for her as well as for the better future she might provide for her daughter, Ava.


Claudia eagerly anticipated her new tasks. But she was unaware that they would begin sooner than anticipated. When the phone rang, she was panicked by the news.

As a single parent, she would have to take a weekend trip away from home and leave her infant daughter alone, something she had never done before.


The typical babysitters were contacted first. She was not fortunate, though; they were all occupied. Anyone Claudia trusted from her family experienced the same thing. Her phone rang once more.


Her sister was there. J’Ann claims she can pull it off. At the phone, Claudia scowled. Only 15 years old, her niece had a few bad habits that Claudia didn’t like.

The little girl might have been a possibility for an evening, but the thought of anything longer made the mom’s stomach turn cold. Her schedule caught her attention. Was there truly a choice for her?


The mother’s overprotectiveness was acknowledged by the family. After all, a hospital medicine mix-up had caused her to lose her 3-month-old daughter, Jenelle.

The worst days of her life had been those. Although J’Ann wasn’t her first choice, her sister assured her that everything will work out. Her cherished young daughter would be in capable hands.


Holding her baby close and already missing her badly, she yelled “Alright” and hurried to pack. Her niece showed up the following day, appearing happy and enthusiastic.

She gave her aunt a kiss before squealing and giving the child a bear hug. The girl pulled out her phone and started taking pictures even though they weren’t yet on the list of things to accomplish.


Claudia took the phone and placed it on the table, saying, “Let’s start with feeding. She read over the extensive list of directions and emergency contact information.


The girl smiled broadly as she listened. “Avoid worrying. I’ll keep you updated frequently. One of those updates completely terrified Claudia, who had no idea what to expect from it.


No further stalling was used. Little Ava received a cheek kiss from Claudia, who struggled to contain her tears. It already stung that she was separated from her infant daughter in this fashion for the first time.

She sent her niece hundreds of texts throughout the cab ride and while she was waiting in the lounge, keeping her updated on the situation. That is, up until the final message that remained unanswered.


To check for new updates, Claudia gripped her phone with her teeth. She disregarded the footage and turned off every gadget.


She didn’t click the button until the flight attendant requested her to turn it off and approached her immediately. Only a couple of hours would pass. What might occur during that time?


The mother was unable to endure the torturous flight with any amount of deep breathing, in-flight entertainment, or positive thinking. The landing and the movement to the exit gate were the hardest parts.


Claudia thought, “I’m not waiting any longer,” and activated her phone. An updated message at last! It was an image. Claudia strained her eyes to see the pink mass.


She was thrown into a panic by the picture even though the description said, “I was making a sandwich.” Her daughter was depicted in a tiny thumbnail, wrapped in a pink blanket, but her legs appeared malformed and double in size.

What just happened? All uppercase, Claudia replied to the SMS. Normally, she wouldn’t have had to force herself to rework the message. Her phone rang at J’Ann’s. No response.


Claudia made another call. Nothing. Her mind raced with scary visions as her heart raced through her chest. How could her niece, who was constantly checking her phone, not pick up the phone just now?

She was powerless and hundreds of miles away. There was only one number she could dial, so she prayed they arrived in time. Claudius dialed 911. She blurted out the details while crying.


Others aboard the aircraft became aware of the situation. Claudia wept. She had to leave the plane right away. She fled the aircraft as the passengers dispersed.


She didn’t look at her phone once again till she was in the security line. The image was loaded and clear this time. Inert against the wall, she sagged.


She mumbled, “You’ve got to be kidding,” while gazing at the reality. Both edema and deformity were absent. Ava was sitting there, calm and pleased in J’Ann’s pink stretch leggings, just like a newborn kangaroo in its mother’s pouch.

“What’s happening?” Claudia typed. She was unable to connect what she was seeing and what she thought she had seen previously in her head.


Claudia’s face turned scarlet with shame at the response. Though she intended to make a lunch, the young girl couldn’t bear to leave the infant even for a few moment.

Additionally, she was unable to locate the baby holster, so she made do. The image only served as evidence that the 2-month-old was completely secure. The narrative then took an intriguing turn.


Social media was used by Claudia. “So I asked my niece to watch Baby Ava,” she said. Later, J’Ann wanted to cook a sandwich, but she didn’t want to leave baby Ava out of her sight, according to a text message I got.


Lord, provide assistance because this was the pinnacle of her problem-solving abilities. She described her niece’s creativity in detail, not realizing the post would go viral.


More than 300,000 people shared it, and there were nearly as many likes and comments. Many others said that they wished they had considered that when having their own children.


“Brilliant! In the 1970s, I used to walk about with my baby on my hip. I wish I had considered this before. J’Ann also received a possibly profitable idea from it.


The new venture would be known as J’Pants. There were also suggestions for converting maternity pants for prolonged wear.


Everyone embraced the concept, and J’Ann already had Claudia’s full support. The appreciative mother even launched a Go Fund Me website to raise money for the venture.


The donations have started to flow in. Regardless of the financial consequence, the family has something more significant, like Claudia having another dependable babysitter, the fact that they are closer than ever, and the ability to share a funny story for years to come.