Prayers are needed for Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson came across to viewers of American Idol as a happy and upbeat girl with lofty goals to achieve. After she won the reality competition series on September 4, 2002, Clarkson’s charming demeanor persisted, and she quickly rose to the top of the music industry with hits like “A Moment Like This.” Although Clarkson typically has a positive outlook, when she recorded “Because of You” years later, she revealed a another side of herself. Were the somber words of the song alluding to the singer’s tragic past?

Of course, Clarkson has her own layers, just like every other celebrity, but considering her history of hardships throughout infancy and adulthood, it is darker than some.

Consider the strained bond between Clarkson and her biological father. The Grammy winner doesn’t get along with her father, and their previous distance may have made it difficult for her to develop deep connections.

Gather some tissues, and let’s analyze Kelly Clarkson’s heartbreaking real-life tale.

The lyrics to Clarkson’s smash song “Because of You” are incredibly painful. She sings in one lyric, “Because of you / I never venture too far from the pavement. I learned to play it safe so I won’t be injured because of you.

According to MTV News, this heartbreaking song is sadly about Clarkson’s tumultuous divorce from her parents and her biological father, Stephen Michael Clarkson. After splitting from Clarkson’s mother when she was six years old—a heartbreaking blow for any child—Stephen neglected to stay in touch. Clarkson reportedly made several attempts to get in touch with Stephen on her own, but she was apparently turned down repeatedly in what she called a “humiliating” endeavor. She even described her relationship with her father as “poison” in an interview with Skavlan from November 2017 and questioned whether he was even “capable [of] love.”

Yet Clarkson has a positive outlook on her relationship with her father in the past. She said, “I know a lot of people go, ‘Aww,’ but it’s really not that case. “I suppose it’s difficult to miss something you never had if you didn’t grow up with it,”

We believe that Stephen is the one who is being left out in this situation.

According to the Mirror, Jeanne Clarkson’s second marriage ended when the singer was 19 years old.

In Clarkson’s family, there have been numerous unsuccessful relationships, which has made her wonder if there is such a thing as true love. In January 2012, Clarkson told the Mirror that divorce wasn’t enjoyable. “It has an impact on the relationships you enter as you get older. You have to work a little harder, in my opinion, since you’re continually certain that things won’t turn out well in the end.”

Fortunately for Clarkson, her marriage to Brandon Blackstock helped her regain her confidence in marriage in a variety of ways. I never felt like, [honestly], sexually attracted to anybody before him, Clarkson admitted, according to People, during a private show for SiriusXM listeners in November 2017. “This isn’t a downer to anybody I dated before him, but I’m just going to be real: I never felt like, [honestly], sexually attracted to anybody before him,” Clarkson said. There was something about him, she said.

For a brief period of time, Clarkson was homeless before she became well-known. Very startling, huh? Given that Clarkson’s net worth was allegedly $28 million as of January 2019, it is particularly surreal to consider.

She spent a brief time living on the streets right before her American Idol audition.

Clarkson revealed to The Guardian in October 2011 that she had lost her flat in a fire “I had to relocate back home, I had no money, and I spent three days sleeping in my car. I recently gave an audition for this program that promised to pay me, and it just so happened to be American Idol. I entered it with the hope that it might pay my power bill, not with the expectation that this would occur.”

However, that wasn’t the first time Clarkson had to deal with financial difficulties. Clarkson discussed how her family used to live “pre-paycheck to pre-paycheck” while she was growing up in a June 2015 interview with CBS Sunday Morning. She remarked, “I definitely had this whole mentality, I was like, ‘Whatever I’m going to do, I just don’t want to have to worry about that.'” in reference to her attitude toward money.

It’s no secret that Hollywood prioritizes appearance. Clarkson, who has endured body-shaming throughout her career, is one person who is all too familiar with this. During American Idol, the singer first came face to face with this depressing truth. “Even on American Idol, I was incredibly slender, but I was bigger than the other females on the show, so people would say stuff to me,” she told People (via Yahoo! Entertainment).

Thankfully, Clarkson didn’t give her enemies any mind. “But luckily I am superconfident, so I’ve never had an issue with shutting people down and saying, ‘Oh, you know, that’s just what I’m rocking. It’s alright, “She spoke.

Despite Clarkson’s assurance, it still bothers me that she still receives criticism after winning American Idol. As an illustration, consider the time Chris Wallace of Fox News fat-shamed Clarkson during an appearance on The Mike Gallagher Show. Wallace said to Gallagher, “She should lay off the deep-dish pizza for a short bit” (via The Hollywood Reporter). Sheesh.

On social media, Clarkson also faces abuse. When she tweeted a message on the Fourth of July in 2017, a Twitter user once referred to Clarkson as “fat,” according to Rolling Stone. And still f***ing fantastic,” Clarkson answered with ease. Fetch them, lady.

It may break the hearts of some of Clarkson’s most devoted fans to learn that the singer considered suicide during a very “dark” time in her life. Clarkson said that she was “very tiny” at the time, but she wouldn’t say exactly when it occurred. “I wanted to commit suicide when I was so underweight. During four years of my life, I was miserable on the inside and the outside “She enlightened Attitude (via NME). But nobody noticed because you are logically appealing.

Clarkson turned to physical training as a stress reliever. Clarkson added, “It was a pretty terrible moment for me. “I believed that giving up was the only option. Because all I did was put on headphones and run, I liked to ruin my feet and knees. I spent a lot of time in the gym.”

Contrary to popular belief, Clarkson’s suicide tendencies were unrelated to her body image problems. “Just to be clear about things. I never felt miserable since I had to maintain my weight “She gave a Twitter explanation. I stated that I was miserable, and as a result, I lost weight. She continued by saying that despite being large, she had never considered killing herself. She added, “I stated people had no idea I was unhappy oddly enough because I appeared healthy.”

Imagine that while you and your partner are expecting your first child together, accusations of adultery cause your joy to be tempered. When several women accused Blackstock of being unfaithful in December 2013, Clarkson experienced exactly what they did.

One woman told The Dirty on The Dirty, “We met at a golf club in Tennessee and have been texting and hanging together a lot lately” (via the Daily Mail). “We have been intimate in various ways even though we haven’t slept together.” A second woman said to the publication, “It surprises me how manipulative this person can be. I’ve been engaged with him too, but much more seriously than the other woman. In one moment, he is declaring his unwavering love for his wife Kelly Clarkson, in the next, he is sneaking out on her.”

Clarkson, eh? We can’t even begin to comprehend how these rumors influenced Clarkson’s stress levels. But, the singer was able to dismiss the claim on Twitter without delay, writing, “Continue to hear sporadic stories that Brandon and I are getting a divorce or that he is cheating on me. Please stop all the lies; nobody has time for that.”

Although on the surface Clarkson’s remarkable career might seem smooth, she has faced significant challenges in the music business. As an illustration, she clashed with renowned record producer Clive Davis while she was working for Sony Music’s RCA Records. Before to Clarkson’s album Breakaway’s release in 2004, Davis took over RCA.

When Davis supposedly criticized one of Breakaway’s hits, “Because of You,” Clarkson was let down because she was eager to collaborate with him. The artist alleged that at a meeting, Davis cruelly tore the track in half in front of her. She recounted in a story for Variety, “I was informed that song was a sh**y tune because it didn’t rhyme. “A gang of males surrounded a young woman and bullied her, thinking it was acceptable. I was ordered to stop talking and start singing.”

However, Clarkson has been able to take something positive away from her conflict with Davis. She said, “The only win I perceive from the last 15 years is really just the fact that we were quite successful while in such an incredibly unhealthy environment.

Kelly Clarkson’s house in the Los Angeles region, which she lives husband Blackstock and their two kids, was broken into in December 2017. At the 2017 Billboard Women in Music Awards, Clarkson spoke candidly about the terrifying news. At the ceremony, Clarkson disclosed to Extra’s Renee Bargh, “Last night, we were robbed. It was crazy, I agree. When we arrived, our entire house had been broken into.”

It was “a little odd” because the man was in her children’s room, she claimed, noting that her kids were uninjured.

While Clarkson is lucky that no one got wounded, it’s never a good feeling when a person’s privacy is breached in such a manner — especially when kids are involved.

When Clarkson found out she was expecting her first child, River Rose, she was obviously ecstatic. “I’m expecting! I’m very thrilled, and so is Brandon! the ideal early Christmas gift ever, “On Twitter in November 2013, Clarkson.

Regrettably, the acute nausea soon made Clarkson’s mood worse. She told BBC Radio (via ABC News) that she sometimes would throw up 25 times a day and that she “had to kind of take longer off” because she had such a terrible pregnancy. “I had to take off a lot more time than usual since it was really a difficult pregnancy.” Poor mother.

But hold on, there’s more.

Clarkson didn’t know she had a significant health condition that prevented her from giving birth vaginally before she gave birth to River. She revealed to Ellen DeGeneres in 2015 that she “can never have a normal birth, [there’s a problem with] my pelvic inlet or whatever” (via Closer Online). Before going into labor, Clarkson demanded a c-section; else, she might have passed away giving birth. Really spooky.