Prayers needed for Matthew McConaughey’s little boy

The marks Matthew McConaughey’s son received while surfing suggest that he may have run into some trouble.

The Dallas Buyers Club actor called his son’s surf-related wounds on Instagram his “souvenirs” and posted pictures of them.

The social media pictures show Levi, 14, standing next to his neon green surfboard. The child is wearing a number of large white bandages on his sun-kissed skin and is facing away from the camera. A little pink plaster is also seen in the middle of his back.

There are several bruises visible, but actor Matthew, 53, doesn’t appear alarmed by his son’s condition, labeling the picture merely with the phrase “Surf souvenirs.”

People hurried to the comments section to respond to Levi’s post, who strikingly resembles his father.

While some people expressed alarm at the image, others ignored it, acting similarly to Matthew.

One commenter made a joke: “The accurate name, in my opinion, is “surfers,” while another remarked: “We call ’em natures tattoo brotha. This is fantastic.”

“Some of my best memories of my youth are the stories that finish with me getting bumps, scrapes, and bruises lol, this is rad,” a third person wrote.

Then a fourth person noted what they had seen in the comments: “All the fathers, ‘That a boy,’ all the mothers, ‘poor baby,'” they said.

The Oscar winner’s oldest child is named Levi. He also has two children with his wife Camila Alves McConaughey: Vida, 13, and Livingston, 10.

On Thursday, Camila was also involved in a terrifying incident when the plane she was on abruptly descended 4,000 feet.

The 41-year-old model described the harrowing experience of her flight hitting turbulence for 45 minutes on Instagram, injuring several other passengers.

“Flying last night, plane dropped about 4000 feet, 7 people went to the hospital, everything was flying everywhere,” she commented alongside the video.

The “turbulence kept on coming,” she said, describing the situation as “CHAOS”.

One passenger’s spouse commented in a tweet that “those who didn’t have the seat belts tightened got harmed largely because it came as surprise without seat belt sign on and lighting hit the plane heavily” in response to reports that the jet had been struck by lightning.