The restaurant manager booted an elderly woman before discovering her identity

88-year-old Rain adored the food at this establishment. The window table was her favorite place to sit. Every day, she ate by herself and ordered the daily specials. The experience was the high point of Rain’s day. The restaurant manager eventually ejects her from the establishment and later regrets his decision after learning who she is.

The personnel at the restaurant adored Rain, a regular customer. She was a beam of sunshine who never forgot to compliment her server. Then, one day, she entered the building anxious and ate her supper alone. She finished her meal, got up, and walked out without paying. The medical team caring for her questioned what must have happened. However, what was it? He knew she was a regular and would come back, so he refrained from following her to demand the money. Then he discovered something startling.

Rain didn’t always go to the eatery by herself. She had eaten there with her husband when it first opened, and they had since become regulars. They celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary there as well, dancing until well after midnight. Sadly, her husband fell ill a year later and passed away. For Rain, it was a dreadful time. She gradually diminished from the vivacious person she once was. She preferred not to have any visitors, go out, or eat much.

Up until Rain one day got a letter. It came from the restaurant, and it mentioned Rain’s glaring absence there while also offering her a complimentary supper. It provided her with the motivation she needed to go past her loss. Rain made the brave decision to eat at the restaurant by herself, even if it wasn’t simple.

In the past three months, Rain has experienced a lot of change, yet the restaurant has remained the same. The ambiance was welcoming, and the smell of the kitchen was enticing. After knowing rain for 30 years, the restaurant owner sat down next to her at the window table to reassure her that he would be there for her. It was a wonderful evening and the start of a brand-new phase in her life. She gradually became her former effervescent self again and frequented the restaurant every day.

Then the hospital called, and Rain answered. It was the test outcome she had received a week prior. She was really anxious and unsure of what to anticipate. Rain was told by the doctor that she had blood cancer. Rain had her heart sliced open by a knife. She inquired as to the severity and time constraints. Rain was told by the doctor that her condition was terminal and she had between six months and a year to live.

Rain visited the restaurant that had once assisted her during a difficult period rather than giving up. However, the eatery had undergone a recent alteration. It had a new boss who was stern with the employees and was unaware of Rain’s relationship with the business. He was never kind to the personnel and hated to see them enjoying themselves. The restaurant’s ambiance turned somber, and customers reduced their frequency of visits. Previously joyful employees now arrived at work frowning.

Rain headed straight to the restaurant after her visit to the hospital. The staff quickly brought in the day’s specials as soon as she settled down at her window-side table. Rain attempted to strike up a conversation, but the manager’s eyes were riveted on them, and he swiftly left. The crew had told the manager about Rain. He was eager to meet her because they all spoke highly about her. It wasn’t because he thought she was a beautiful person; rather, it was because her bill was surrounded by hearts and kind remarks on the notice board. The invoice wasn’t settled.

The moment he approached her, he stated, “This restaurant only serves paying patrons. We are not a charity, so it doesn’t matter how good everyone thinks you are. Rain wrote something on a sheet of paper with a pen, set it down on the table, and then quietly walked away. The note Rain left behind was discovered in the dark folder while her server, Robin, cleared the table. He read the note out of curiosity. Robin yelled. What just did he read?

Words that can transform anything
“To the restaurant workers, I’ve enjoyed visiting this restaurant for over 30 years,” the note said. I’ve witnessed numerous changes at the restaurant, including employee departures and new hires. There are numerous menu modifications. However, I have always been here.
I spent a wonderful experience here. You always stood by me, even through difficult times. Due to my advanced age and illness, I would like to leave you with enough money to show you how grateful I am.
“The manager won’t get a penny of my money,” was written at the bottom in pen. And I’m going to let the owner know about him.”