The saddest picture: the Queen’s puppies wait for her

At Windsor Castle, where the burial of Queen Elizabeth II will take place on Monday afternoon, the royal corgis were seen waiting for her arrival.

After the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which took place at Westminster Abbey early on Monday morning, the royal casket began its final journey from London to Windsor.


The Committal Service will take place at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle at four o’clock British Summer Time (BST), and the Dean of Windsor will preside over the event.

The State Funeral for the Queen was held at Westminster Abbey, and it was attended by 2,000 people. In comparison, the Commital Service, which will be held at Buckingham Palace, will be much smaller, with only the royal family and former and present members of the Queen’s households present.


After that, the Queen will be laid to rest in a ceremony that is even more intimate, with only the most immediate members of the royal family in attendance.


The Queen’s two living corgis were brought outside as the hearse made its way to the church so that they could get one last look at their monarch before she was taken inside.


It is generally known that Queen Elizabeth II is very fond of her corgis. Over the course of her life, she owned more than 30 corgis, the most of which were offspring of Susan, a corgi she received as a present for her 18th birthday in 1944, according to the BBC. Susan was a female.

Her corgis frequently appeared in images and films with her, and in 2016, the Queen posed with her pets on the cover of Vanity Fair beside one of her corgis.


Even though she had four dogs at the time of her death — two corgis, a dorgi, and a cocker spaniel, according to NPR — Her Majesty decided in 2015 to cease breeding the dogs so that they would not outlast her. This was done so that the dogs would not be able to outlive her.


According to the BBC, after the Queen’s passing, the remaining two corgis, named Muick and Sandy, will be adopted by the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, who will take the title of King of the United Kingdom. When they were still puppies, Andrew presented the Queen with these corgis as a gift.


Candy, a dorgi, and Lissy, a cocker spaniel, are the only two of the Queen’s dogs that are still alive, and it is unknown where they will reside now.