While her son is fast asleep, the mother pulls off the silliest Elf on the Shelf pranks.

Is there a holiday custom that is more cherished today than the Elf on the Shelf joke? It not only gives the season a little extra charm, but it’s also entertaining for adults. You get to come up with a brand-new surprise for your kids every night. What fun!

If you need some ideas for your Elf on the Shelf, you might want to look at mom Jacqueline Garcia, who has gained popularity for the amazing practical jokes she posts on her TikTok page.

Millions of people have viewed the mother’s TikTok profile under the handle @jackie o12, and it all began with a video she posted a few years back.

Her Elf on the Shelf, known as Alabaster, in the video (which has received more than 1.3 million views), pulled a pretty cunning prank on Garcia’s 5-year-old son, Alex, by slicing holes in his pajamas while he was sleeping.

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He then said, “He got the scissors and shredded my whole garments,” while pointing to Alabaster and telling his mother.

The video even demonstrated how cunning Alabaster sliced a hole in her son’s underwear’s seat.

But unfortunately for Alex, this wasn’t Alabaster’s final ruse. In a different video, Alabaster painted him with a mustache when he was dozing.

In the caption of the video, the mother said, “Silly Elf is at it again!”

When would you ever sneak a selfie with someone else? Or ride a magic swing to awaken a 5-year-old boy and surprise him (i.e., a paper mask attached to the doorframe). And when we say Alabaster, we hope it’s crystal evident that Garcia is the one putting in the effort.

Unquestionably, the mom’s “floor is lava” trick from December 16, 2020, is one of her most well-liked videos. In the video, which has received an astounding 1.4 million views, she not only hung Alabaster from the wall but also surrounded her son’s bed with a labyrinth of red Solo cups (the “lava”), making it difficult for him to get out when he woke up.

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In a reaction video Garcia took, he said, “Alabaster did that!” Even the sign that accompanied Alabaster was misunderstood by him in a humorous way. The floor is lava (it said).

He speculated, “Alabaster put all the bottles.”

OK, that’s close enough.

Garcia revealed to CafeMom that she like to make her ideas really straightforward.

I try to take little games and simulate that the ground is lava by blowing them up, she explains.

After he goes to bed, she “walks around my house and tries to piece something together from random objects around the house,” she says. “I use what I already have as much as I can because I’m a single parent and I can’t spend too much on anything.”

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And she utilized her resources to the fullest.

Amazingly, the mother was able to dress her son in elf pajamas without waking him up. The outfit includes red pajamas, a handcrafted collar, and a Santa hat.

The following morning, her son exclaimed, “I became red!” as he admired his new clothing. He resembled Alabaster exactly.

He cried, “It was Alabaster!”

The mother captioned the video, “He couldn’t believe it. He essentially spent an eternity looking at himself in the mirror.

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Garcia said that the inspiration struck her unexpectedly.

She explains, “I just had the idea to create them twins when I was looking for pajamas for him and saw the red onesie.”

Alabaster had no intention of giving up his title as the king of practical jokes. Alabaster appears to be still pulling his old pranks. A video from December 2, 2021, for instance, shows him moving Alex’s bed across the room before stretching out on his own bed.

The mother tells us, “I made the elf’s bed out of popsicle sticks from his schoolwork, using his small socks as a pillow and a scarf as the blanket.

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Alabaster has already been seen going places with Garcia and Alex, as seen in a video from December 11, 2021, where he unexpectedly showed up at their table. When Alex noticed Alabaster concealed behind a menu, he yelled. The mother captioned the photo, “Look at how enthusiastic he gets.

The smile on her son’s face is ultimately the driving force behind her continued use of the Alabaster pranks.

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Garcia reveals to CafeMom that “he likes the elf.” “He looks to check what he did that day when he wakes up every morning.”

@jackie_o12 Reaction to “Twins” He couldn’t believe it. He basically stared at himself in the mirror forever 😂 #elfontheshelf #toddlertok #toddlersoftiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – Jacqueline Garcia

The mother also wishes to make other people smile with her films.

I just hope people find them entertaining and are motivated to do something enjoyable for their children, she says.