The abandoned dog sits on its hind limbs like a real gentleman.

A poor, abandoned dog had to learn how to navigate the streets of Tucumán, Argentina, on his own.

It is not simple to live on the street, whether you are a person or an animal. You create enemies and must learn to protect yourself from the rain or the blazing sun. Furthermore, and maybe most difficult of all, you must learn how to obtain food.

This obedient puppy felt the same way. He learned to be courteous and delicate when asking for food. A family recently decided to change the animal’s life forever, maybe inspired by the animal’s peaceful posture.

They were also in charge of recording and posing the animal’s response.

The dog sits like a gentleman on its hind limbs. He then extends his paw to passers-by, requesting food.

As a result of his endearing behavior, he influenced a large number of people in that city.

More photographs of the meek and kind quadruped can be found below: